Welcome to FÜSØ, the Restaurant

FÜSØ | Our vision

At Fuso, we do believe that it’s time for a change for a better nutrition. Our generation is the perfect example. More than ever, we are what we eat. That is why we would like you to re-discover the real taste of the products, through fun, creative, home made dishes.
Our willingness is to mix cultures and flavors in bowls! Fuso wants to be a main player in a food transition by representing a generation wishing to impact the world with their values.

FÜSØ | Restaurant

With a growing reputation on the French Riviera, with five shops (Cannes, Antibes, Nice, Sophia-Antipolis and Nantes), it is in the Hotel Residence Montefiore, that Fuso decided to push the concept even further by offering for the first time, “Fuso le restaurant” , in a unique chic place.

Fuso is a place where local people feel away, and guests feel home. A place where everyone leaves their daily lives to share a moment and live an experience.

In a refined atmosphere, restaurant Fuso offers a new menu, inspired by our already approved recipes and our exotic original creations : Bowls, Ceviches, as well as a large selection of Tapas.


FÜSØ | Cocktail and tapas

Together with your meal, or as a pre-dinner drink, our mixologist will prepare for you rum-based cocktails, or suggest you a selection of beers and wines. Non-alcoholic drinks have also been elaborated to offer originality and freshness.

Our team is eager to make you discover our world and invite you to travel in a cozy, happy and generous atmosphere. You would like to discover and try the Fuso menu in your apartment? This is no problem as we offer room service.

Contact « FÜSØ, le restaurant »

10, rue d’Alger – 06400 Cannes
Phone: 04 22 46 03 03
To eat in or take-away
Open days: Monday to saturday
11h30-14h30 / 18h30-22h30
Close on sundays (for the moment)